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The agricultural sector is the backbone of Kenya’s economy and the means of livelihood for most of our rural population. Sustained agricultural growth is critical to uplifting the living standards of our people in rural areas, cub rural urban migration as well as generating rapid economic growth. The purpose of the program is to deliver knowledge, skills and smart technology applications in small-scale farming techniques to the youth while empowering them into capital intensive agribusiness and to enable them make more informed choices in agriculture for improved and sustainable livelihoods. The program is intended to help empower the youth in sharing modern practical skills, knowledge on small-scale farming to help the youth enhance their farming capacities and transform the whole process into commercial ventures.

Ngao Society uses Asset Based Community development model focuses on community assets by supporting the farmers realize their potential in terms of assets and utilize it. Through this approach, therefore, the project is intended to mitigate the effects of climate change and enhance food security.

Involving young people and families and train them how to farm in an urban setting. By developing high quality produce and improving access to markets, unemployed youth are trained to increase their income and improve food security in the long term. The training includes environmental conservation techniques and good agricultural practice within urban agricultural systems.

The following are key areas of training;

  • Urban gardens for community groups, individuals and schools
  • Nurseries, home gardens in sacks, greenhouses and roof top gardening,
  • Livestock and poultry farming training especially in organic farming practices, and access to new markets and micro-enterprises
  • Rainwater harvesting systems and drip irrigation systems.