ABCD Program

Why ABCD Program ?

Ngao Society seeks to assist individuals and whole communities to believe in themselves – their knowledge, their abilities, their values, and their worth – to break through traditional hierarchical perceptions of power and cycles of dependence reinforced by an overemphasis on outside solutions and outside funds.

Ngao Society contributes to the transformation of individuals and communities by encouraging community members and partners to act as facilitators that engage and energize people through an appreciation and affirmation of the gifts that exist within a community.

Community Conversations Program

In addition, under the ABCD model, facilitate community Conversation which is our own customized community strategy that center on communities turning their own stick, initiating their own change and unearthing their hidden potentials. Community conversation is a program that utilizes an asset based community development (ABCD) model that focuses on the community assets and strengths rather than problems and needs. It is the half full glass notion of development approach.

The half full glass represents the notion that communities and the people who live there have many strengths, capacities and assets that can be utilized. We believe that communities have lots of strengths, capacities, opportunities and assets that can be enhanced for a sustainable engagement.

Through community conversation, we facilitate people who differ in many ways to come together and learn about what is truly important to each other, after which a connection often emerges in which they find a common purpose.