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“Our mission is to build outstanding individual who have positive impact to the society through mentorship.In the categories we

Children Program

Do you wish your child had more confidence?

Would you like to help them handle problems better at school or at home?

Would you like to give your child the life skills to thrive in the face of change and challenge?

Mentorship Training

Join us on CHILDREN MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: It’s a kids mentoring program that empower children to solve problems for themselves and pass on the valuable skills they will need for life.

We work face to face with children and we also run tailor made workshops for kid in schools or church community. The children Mentorship program is recommended for children as young age 6 to 11 years.

Our Child Mentor Facilitators shares key life tools that teaches you on how you can help your child successfully navigate childhood challenges and grow into a happy, confident, and resilient young adult.
We work face to face with parents and we also run tailor made workshops for teachers in schools , parents in schools , church community and family groups.

Youth Mentorship

The Youth mentorship program is about helping you become the best version of yourself by eliminating personal challenges standing in the way of your desired success and personal fulfilment.

The program is designed to help the individual youth navigate life transitions / stages through goal setting and creating a compelling future that helps the individual to find their purpose.

In this program we offer:
One year mentorship program for the youth

Conference and workshop for teens and young adults

– College and career planning / coaching and support

– One on one mentorship

Online Skype coaching: In rare cases we offer online Skype coaching, but that depends on the client’s profile and the goals they want to work on. The ultimate goal of the youth mentorship program is for youth to improve their quality of life, increase their independence, and progress toward reaching their full potential.