Ngao Bead Work Program

This is a group of women and men out to change their lives using skills, talents and competences. The skills is learned and shared by others within the community.

The proceeds of their work go to paying rent, food and education of their children. Some members have accepted their individual poverty, HIV and vulnerability status and now share openly. The group is not only a source of joy and hope to each other but a pillar of individual encouragement and change development.

The Bead Work Products in Display

African Bag & other Products

The group makes several items using the African materials. It takes quite some days to design, cut, and finish one product. The group patiently works it through. The hand bags are blended with African fabric to give it a beautiful finish . . .

Ngao Society / ABCD Program Kenya Bead Work

This is a group of women and men from Kangemi , Kawangware and Uthiru informal settlement who have come together to support themselves through making beaded items, cards, African shoes etc as a practical support to themselves and the community.

The proceeds provide the members who are very vulnerable with alternative income to support themselves and their families.

Using the ABCD model, the individual group members brings out their natural skills which is facilitated and taken to be an asset to the individual and the entire group. Everyone as an asset and important to the group. The group needs everyone.

The group believes that together, they have lots of strengthen, capacities, opportunities and assets that can be enhanced for a sustainable engagement.

That when people who differ in many ways come together learn about what is truly important to each other, a connection often emerges in which they find a common purpose.