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NGAO Society serves individual children, youth and women from under-deserved families in the slums of Kangemi, kawangware, Uthiru and Kibera informal settlement in Nairobi Kenya. Most families rely on menial jobs and survive on $2 a day which cannot sustain the little family needs like food, support for education to children, clothing and medical care. Most children end up on the streets due to dropping out from school. This becomes a threat to increasing crime rate.

We have named our new office facility to Ngao Life Centre. It accommodates a range of programs and activities to. In this facility, we have adopted an informal school called Joy Hill Academy, with about 100 children of ages 4-8 years. The aim is to help this school improve its infrastructure and education standards to the level of regular schools. This would ensure quality and affordable education in a healthy environment to benefit children from slum households.

Kangemi has about 12,000 school going aged children. However, only 3 government schools are available absorbing about 4,000 children. While the rest of the children are absorbed by informal schools; JoyHill education center that is managed by Ngao Society through Linda Mtoto program is among them.

Child sponsorship

We support children between 6 years 20 years from poor slum families in primary and secondary level to continue attending schools by supporting them with tuition fees and basic schooling items.

We call upon friends, well-wishers and organizations to donate and support a child to pursue education. The sponsorship is always awarded to children from the most unfortunate families that would otherwise drop out of school if not sponsored.

Little Minds Club

We stand with children to help them build their own dreams.  With the rise of technology, it has been evident that children while at home, they are addicted to watching television, mostly cartoon. Some children have become out of hand that their parents are unable to mold them with values of self-discipline. Ngao Society has provided a platform where kids of age 6-12 years meet, Little Minds Club” with qualified child mentor specialists. They are trained and guided through various activities that develop their talent and innovation. The program captures various concepts related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. These include artwork like paper craftwork, drawing and painting, poetry, drama, singing, field games, basic computer skills and coding.

Feeding the Child

Every Saturday, we prepare a plate of a meal for every child at Ngao Life Centre. A hungry child cannot hide from needing food but powerlessly with pulled down face stands at a distance with his/her eyes straight on food. Kangemi informal settlement exhibits huge cases of children from poor families roaming in the streets looking for any kind of food to eat. The situation is worse when school closes. Ngao has been in little small ways providing mandazi, milk, biscuit and bread for 26 children in Kangemi.

Sanitation and hygiene

Globally, unsafe drinking water, poor access to appropriate sanitation facilities and inadequate handwashing contribute significantly to childhood illness and death. Diarrhea alone is responsible for 11% of global child deaths. Many more children suffer weakness and malnutrition as a result of parasites or environmental enteropathy, a sub-clinical infection of the stomach that interferes with the absorption of nutrients.

Our aim is to facilitate life skills for children, parents and the communities to work together to improve hygiene, water and sanitation conditions.