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SELF ESTEEM – Conquer Fear, Overcome Defeat and Abolish Self-Doubt

The same way items on sale have different price worth, human beings assign themselves a self-worth or value. The overall picture of oneself is a worth or price tag that an individual places on self which is the core perception and beliefs about oneself. It is the way of thinking, feeling and acting that implies that you respect accept and believe in yourself.

Students who gathered for this session on Self-esteem were expected to be made aware of the impact of self-esteem in their lives during their intellectual journey in school. It was important to elevate their self-esteem from low to high. This was both personal and collective responsibility for this noble engagement along continuous support from Ngao mentors.

Each of us has an evaluation of ourselves. If there are more things that we appreciate about ourselves than things we do not appreciate about ourselves, we will feel good about ourselves more capable and even have a higher sense of self-acceptance. When we value ourselves highly we are able to relate well with others around us and our performance gets better.

At the end of the session, participants were able to:

  • Appreciate the concept of self esteem
  • Assess personal self esteem
  • Discuss types of self-esteem and their impact in life and
  • Discuss ways of improving their self esteem

Given the context of participants who were students, the learning session was done on the following methodologies: Group discussions, plenary discussions and presentations and self-assessment.

This mentorship process is continuous engagement between mentees and mentors on various areas of focus towards personal development. The desired results are observed closely and continuously to ensure that mentees are able to appreciate the learning   and make a difference in their lives.

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