Rescue from Drug addiction

Rescue from Drug addiction

Henry is 27 years old, last born child in the family of five children. He is a 3rd year university drop out at the Nairobi University where he was pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Medicine. This is due to peer pressure which engaged him in drugs that included; khat/ miraa, alcohol, cigarettes and bhang.

Henry eventually approached the Ngao society office out of curiosity and it was through these that Ngao discovered that he was struggling with drug addiction. The first step taken by Ngao to Henry was to establish his place of residence.

NGAO sent three of its staffs together with Henry to his house; Rose, Victor and Mohamed set out to Ndumbuini and found out that the following;

  • Henry had been kicked out of his house the previous night by the care taker due to unpaid rent plus rental deposit as is the policy given by the Landlord.
  • He also had trouble observing his personal responsibilities such as personal hygiene as an effect of his addiction.
  • It was also evident that Henry was still using drugs prior to the visit based on the information given to the stuff by the care taker and the state of his room at the time of the visit.
  • It was however established that Henry’s previous roommates were also drug addicts but resulted in kicking Henry out of their house after he had failed to meet the agreement on cost sharing in paying monthly rent.
  • Henry had secretly moved into the new room out of desperation without the consent of the care taker or the landlord.

After  the visit, the entire Ngao Society team came together to discuss and establish the way forward with reference to Henry’s challenges and how to resolve them accordingly in order to re-map his life and re-establish his goals in life.

  • On the plus side, Henry had individually come to terms with his situation and was indeed ready to be mentored out of his addiction and back to his former responsible life.
  • The office, after holding a meeting with all stuff present, decided that it would be wiser to first enrol Henry into a rehabilitation centre to seek a more professional approach to his addiction.
  • Later, Ngao would look into enrolling Henry back to university or college of choice to allow his achieve his once desired degree.

Ngao looks forward to walking with Henry every step of the way to ensure that he does achieve his childhood dreams. We are also determined to match his passion and abilities with his career of choice looking past his current challenges.  We believe that there is hope and a bright fu

ture for Henry.


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