Victor........My Story

Victor……..My Story

Ngao Mentorship Program successful trainee Victor Nganatha opens up about his almost ruined teenage life and his advice to his fellow youths about peer pressure………..

“”My name is Victor Nganatha aged 20 years. Basically I am a normal teen who believed that success was for the chosen few as it is thought by a majority of young scholars. Okay that’s what I believed…………. between the years 2013 to 2016 while I was in Mururia High school.  That school had everything from freedom to infrastructure not forgetting the teachers, outstanding!!!!!

I was an average student ………let’s just say fame, girls, authority and money was the norms for me……..girls loved me and just wanted to hang out with Phylow(Philip), as they had grown found to that name, I had it all dog, my dance crew, crazy friends and insane class 4North (class of 2016).However my biggest achievement eventually brought me to my knees. How?????? Relax ………………………………am getting there .

Form one admission day 2013. You know that guy who you first meet and realise you two have so much in common?? Well that’s how our friendship started. He played a major role in my fancy life for if you knew Phylow, Kingzey was the next guy who you’d see. If you’re lost Kingzey was Kens ID in the world of fame. So we did it all.

Unfortunately he was smarter, wiser and well exposed than I. So when reality kicked into my life Ken knew how to handle it and by reality I mean drugs, alcohol and sex. Believe it or not high school was the first place to meet such and dude was I shocked.

Problems really started when we rubbed shoulders with Ken when the school deputy Principal Mr Macharia appointed me as class captain yet the class hadn’t agreed to it. Why this brewed conflict is bit tricky because Ken  had deeply envied that seat but had no clear path to it. So in short I had betrayed my best friend consciously. By the way he was happy for me at first but later this grew sour not just between we (as in Ken and I ) but also with the class……….. So much power, so much pressure from the admin so many crimes from my class so I lost my cool and became aggressive rude and really annoying to my fellow classmates.

It happened one day that Ken and other fellow comrades arranged an illegal strike without my conscience and to make matters worse all school captains knew about it………..all bit me!! Unfair right???? Automatically they later thought that I was the rat ……..THE SNITCH!!!!! Little did they know that the snitch was the same guy that was elected as school captain for the term 2015 to 2016.

Well the strike was a success and that evening Ken grabbed a text book and hit  me in the eye. After first aid by the school nurse under the supervision of the deputy principal, I was then directed to spend the night in the senior captains cube and did as told””.


Am very thankful of my Parents for giving me another chance in Schooling and Ngao Society for making me understand Who am I and more importantly the best values for life and others around us” VICTOR.

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